Workshop recording ” How To Be Recruitable” – 08 June 2 – Meg Salter

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Take Back Control of Your Career – Kellie Wade

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TIME to Talk About Mental Health – 16March 2021

TIME to Learn – Perception or Reality?  With Sharon Stanley  27 October 2020

Value of TIME

TIME to Learn – Selling Yourself- with Kelley Wacher from Corporate Magic – 13 Oct 2020

TIME to Learn – Are You In The Room? with Andrew Siu – 29 Sep 2020

TIME to Learn – Modern-day mindfulness for productivity, health & happiness 22 Sept 20

TIME to Learn – Public Speaking 08 Sep20

TIME to learn – Personal Selling in the Travel Industry 25 Aug 2020

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TIME to learn – Leadership evolution – Applied Sense 11 Aug 2020

TIME TO LEARN – Building Skills to Manage through Change 30Jul 2020

TIME to Learn – Living and Working with People  You  Just Don’t  Get – 14JUL20

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