‘What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us. What we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal’ – Albert Pine

Mentoring produces numerous benefits on each side of the relationship. However, its primary purpose is to retain and develop industry leadership potential with a view to enhancing career development and satisfaction.

TIME Mentors bring a range of (non-conflicting) business-skills and professional experience that enables them to offer advice and insightful perspective to their Mentees.

The sharing of Mentor wisdom and experience creates opportunities that Mentees may not otherwise encounter in their professional lives. These might include increased exposure and possible access to business networks as they develop essential communication skills, including networking with other Mentees and TIME graduates.

TIME operates within a structure and framework that ensures Mentors challenge and inspire Mentees whilst holding them accountable to their self-determined goals.

Pointing out behaviours that will inhibit the progress of the Mentee is also part of the mentor’s role along with helping to build their self-confidence through praise, encouragement and constructive feedback.

Outcomes for Mentors

The opportunity to share knowledge and experience and assist in the development of another travel industry professional comes from a place of generosity. In addition, as a Mentor, there’s a real sense of satisfaction as you:

  • Guide an ambitious industry colleague towards their goals
  • Enhance your own communication and leadership skills
  • Play a role in the nurturing and developing the next generation of travel industry leaders and entrepreneurs
  • Observe the value that the transfer of knowledge brings to individuals, the industry and to yourself as that same process is reciprocated

Take action

Prospective Mentors are invited to complete an Application Form/Expression of Interest which is submitted to the TIME Committee for appraisal and possible approval.

To take the next step in becoming a Mentor, please CLICK HERE to complete  the expression of interest form