It’s hard to believe, but Kodak invented digital camera technology.

And, in what many consider to be the ultimate example of a squandered opportunity, instead of taking that technology and bringing it to market, Kodak’s executives decided to sit on it as they saw it as a threat to their core camera film business.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Navigating the business world and your professional development through it can be tricky. But with a perfectly-matched mentor in your corner, you’ll be better equipped to see your opportunities and take them.

The Travel Industry Mentor Experience (TIME) is a not-for-profit enterprise established in 2009 to nurture business skills and acumen, provide professional guidance and support to aspiring travel and tourism industry professionals in a mentoring environment.

TIME’s 6-month mentoring programs are focused on Mentor-Mentee relationships that are Mentee-driven. Mentors are drawn from the senior ranks of the industry and generously volunteer their time and energy to the program. They are matched with successful program applicants on the basis of non-conflicting business skills and experience that enables them to offer relevant advice and perspective. Mentors hold their Mentees accountable, offer challenging ideas designed to inspire and build self-confidence through praise, encouragement and constructive feedback.

It is challenging but immeasurably rewarding.

With hindsight, it’s easy to say that Kodak should have seen the impending photography paradigm shift and grasped the opportunity.

Are you ready to grab yours?

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TIME is proud to support talented future leaders by helping them realise their potential and accelerate their careers through mentoring.