Who better to tell you what it’s like inside TIME’s renowned, six-month mentoring program than three recent graduates. We sat down with them for a bit of a fireside chat to find out everything you wanted to know about TIME.

So, meet Belinda, Emma and Piers .

TIME graduates Belinda Morris, Emma Whiting and Piers Charters-Wood.

What was the most rewarding part of your TIME experience?
Belinda: For me, it was simply how much I learnt about myself during those 6 months. My mentor helped me be honest with myself about where I was at with my role at the time, and he gave me the confidence to put my hand up and say, “This isn’t for me, and that’s OK.”
Once I had that realisation, I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

There were so many rewarding parts. The friendship with my mentor, and the other mentees I have met along the way were all so inspiring. The lightbulb moments I had right through the program – there were quite a few that helped me grow personally and professionally.

For me, it was validation from my mentor that my thinking and ideas were, in fact, fundamentally sound.

How were you changed by your TIME experience?
Belinda: I am much more confident in myself and the decisions I make. And the network of the finest people in the industry I developed by being plugged into the TIME community is incredible.

Emma: I’m now brimming with confidence to make assured, non-emotional business decisions. I now take a strategic approach to my business, not just an operational one. Importantly, I know I cannot do everything, so I’ve learned to delegate effectively and trust.
Piers: Easy. TIME has given me the confidence to back myself.

Who should consider being a TIME mentee?
Belinda: Anyone wanting to better themselves both professionally and personally. Quite simply, you get out what you put in.

Piers: Anyone with ambitions to progress their career!
TIME mentors are unbelievably generous, sharing careers-worth of experience to accelerate those of the next generation of industry leaders.

Describe your TIME experience in a couple of words!
Belinda: Fantastic, Rewarding, Career Enhancing.
Emma: Life changing. Rewarding. Inspiring.
Piers: Timing. Was. Perfect.
If you’re ready to join the May intake of the travel industry’s number-one career accelerator, download an Expression of Interest form HERE and return it to TIME by Friday 06 April 2018.

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