TIME, the Industry’s formal mentoring program, celebrated a decade of success in 2020. The Board and Committee, today announce three forward-thinking initiatives that form the foundation for the next chapter in TIME’s evolution.

Based on extensive Industry feedback, whether graduates, mentors, mentees, or friends of TIME responded to a formal study released publicly last November to help shape the future of TIME.



The three initiatives are:

  • Broaden the program to include mentees from all areas of regional and rural Australiato complement the existing work in the capital cities.
  • the option to integrate online solutions for mentoring to complement the face-to-faceexperience.
    This will also be supported by a relaunch of the TIME website with an interactive capability that digitises and electronically enhances administrative functions in a safe and secure way
  • a transformation of the pricing model for a 6-month formal mentoring experience from $2500pp to the newly agreed level of $1500pp.Penny Spencer Founder and Chair of TIME said: “The completion of the 2020 study gave us the data to confirm the market was supportive of the transformation the Board was considering. 93% of respondents said TIME has delivered significant value to the industry since its commencement 10 years ago, and we needed to find a way forward in this new world to ensure this continues.”Penny went on to say: “Technology has fundamentally changed the way we do business over the last 12 months. we believe there is now a place for online channels to complement the programs face to face offering that provides the opportunity for greater national reach but also easier mentor and mentee access in light of the pandemic.

    Further, 95% of our study respondents said integrating an online solution was vital in our quest to expand to regional and rural Australia and 83% said they would remain more than satisfied if their best mentor match was outside their local region and the sessions were held online. So, these very important changes are a direct response to that feedback”.

    The Board also confirms they are delighted to settle on a new price point for the TIME program.