• Since 2009, some 200 mentees with 94 different job titles have graduated from the TIME program.
  • The 10 most common job titles might surprise you.

TIME has been accelerating the careers of ambitious travel, tourism and hospitality industry professionals since 2009 and, in that time, some 200 of them have graduated from the program.

Our graduates come from all corners of the industry, and have just about every job title you can imagine.

Understandably, perhaps, there’s a preconception that mentoring is only for the young, and those in the early stages of their careers. After all, to the uninitiated, ‘mentoring’ might evoke ideas of ‘teacher and pupil’, and pupils are typically quite junior, right?

We recently took a bit of a deep dive into nearly a decade’s worth of TIME data to get a sense of the career-levels of program participants. The results surprised us a little.

Here are the 10 most-common job titles of TIME mentees since the program’s first intake in 2009:

  1. BDM (13 graduates)
  2. Managing Director (10 graduates)
  3. Account Manager (10 graduates)
  4. Team Leader (8 graduates)
  5. Founder (4 graduates)
  6. General Manager (4 graduates)
  7. Product Manager (4 graduates)
  8. Director (3 graduates)
  9. Manager (3 graduates)
  10. Operations Manager (3 graduates)

These 62 participants represent more than 25% of all mentees who have graduated from the program. The full list is some 94 job titles long and covers everything from junior sales coordinator all the way up to Founder and Managing Director.

The key take-out? No-one is too senior (or junior) to benefit from a structure mentoring program like TIME.

TIME offers business skills training, development guidance and support sessions to aspiring future leaders of the travel and tourism industry within a mentoring and peer collaboration environment.

The program is focused on mentor/mentee relationships that are ‘mentee-driven’. Each mentor is strategically matched with his or her mentee to ensure agreed outcomes have the best chance of being achieved. TIME’s unique match-making process sits at the very core of the program’s success.

“I founded TIME to help the future leaders of our industry unlock their potential by accessing the experience of the industry’s best minds” says TIME Founder, Penny Spencer.

“The program has accelerated the careers of hundreds of young professionals prepared to open themselves up to opportunities through hard work and self-scrutiny. It has delivered wonderful outcomes to some very talented people on both sides of the mentor-mentee equation”, says Penny.

A two-way exchange might seem unlikely at first glance, but with mentees and mentors so thoughtfully matched, it’s an inevitable consequence.

Are you ready to accelerate your career to new heights, or become a mentor?

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