Welcome to Travel Industry Mentor Experience’s Practical Mentor Programme.

We trust you will take full advantage of the opportunities offered to you and we look forward to following your ongoing success as a graduate and Alumni member of Travel Industry Mentor Experience.

Our Vision

To be the leading mentor program within the travel and tourism industry in the Asia/Pacific region by providing the transfer of knowledge, experience and wisdom.

Our Mission

To provide knowledge, guidance and advice to aspirational individuals within the Travel and Tourism industry allowing them to advance and grow their career.

The TIME aim is to offer a range of business skills, development guidance and support sessions, within a mentoring and peer collaboration environment, to aspiring mid level management individuals of the travel and tourism industry.

The Travel Industry Mentor Experience is inviting the best and brightest to envision the work or job they would love to be doing and then providing guidance, knowledge and experience from an experienced industry Mentor to help them achieve that advancement.

We often set out to make a difference in the lives of others only to discover we have made a difference in our own  Ellie braum-haley

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