Marie AllomDuring her 30 Years with The Australian Federation of Travel Agents Limited (AFTA), Marie held a number of positions from Part Time Accounts Administration to Office Manager to General Manager of the Federation for some 12 Years. After retiring in 2004 she was asked to return to run the National Travel Industry Awards which she did for a further three years.

Mentoring provides a platform to help encourage support and nurture future Managers and leaders of the Travel Industry. Without people with the drive to advance their career, knowledge and ambition to succeed we would not have the vital industry we have today.

The TIME Program is available to those people in the Industry who wish to keep growing and need that initial guidance to help steer them in a direction that will build confidence in themselves to be able to utilise their knowledge and skills to achieve this.

There are many benefits to all involved Mentor, Mentee, Organisations and the Industry
To have a structure in place whereby this can happen is so important.

My personal experiences of mentoring staff who have the potential to grow and have not had the confidence to do it on their own and take that first step. Being able to encourage and guide them in a direction where they flourish is so rewarding to both the Mentor and Mentee.

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