TIME to Learn – Online Workshops exclusively curated for the TIME family

Tuesday 14 July             Working and Living with People You Just Don’t Get with Lynne Schinella

Whether you’re working with a team in the workplace, on the sporting field or just want to understand how to communicate more effectively in your personal relationships, this session takes a light-hearted look at who we are and why we do what we do with actionable, practical takeaways.

You’ll learn:

  • why and how we’re different
  • what our own strengths and challenges bring to the workplace or family
  • what to do about it – how to communicate more effectively with others who are not like us

Having started life in the tourism industry and worked her way through airlines, hotels, travel agencies and business events, Lynne Schinella is a trainer, facilitator, conference speaker and founder of the Fruit Personality Profiling Tool, on which she has trained thousands of people on how to work with the strengths and challenges of being an Apple, Mango, Lime or Banana

Tuesday 28 July             Building Skills to Manage Through Change – how to not just survive but thrive !

In this workshop, Marisa Galante, Learning and Development Manager at The Travel Corporation will take your through the uncertainty brought by change and will provide tools, techniques and additional resources for building resilience and dealing with stress.

Marisa has successfully led Learning and Development teams and programmes for many years in the travel industry, across a number of industry sectors including retail, wholesale and cruise teams.

She is passionate about guiding employees in their quest for development, and helping them unleash their potential both professionally and personally, for effective outcomes.

Tuesday 11 August         Leadership evolution towards the recovery in our Industry with Jorge Fernandez

A walk through how leadership will be critical to our businesses and people into the recovery. We will explore the changes we have already seen and what may still evolve in leading in a more virtual, collaborative and outcome based future.

Jorge brings with him over 36 years’ experience building and growing businesses in the Travel Industry and beyond.

He spends much of his time now coaching and mentoring SME business owners and senior executive staff, facilitating business performance and leadership peer groups.

Jorge’s wide range of experience and exposure to most sectors in our travel industry gives him a wide and professionally intimate perspective to the many challenges our business leaders face.

Tuesday 25 August     Personal Selling in the Travel Industry with Andre Moten

With over 25 years of senior management and business development experience in both the public and private sectors, Andre will share his insights into:

  • Effective personal selling in a softer economy (during and post COVID);
  • Strategies to re-work your sales plan for stronger results
  • Getting your prospective customers to the point of making a decision (in your favour).

Tuesday 08 Sept   Engaging Storytelling Through Effective Presentation Skills with Richard Savva

Richard is a well-respected industry leader, coach, mentor and past NTIA judge. Having presented, trained and moderated at numerous global conferences, Richard will share with you his insights into storytelling through the medium of presentations.

In this workshop, Richard will show you how to

  • Deliver short, sharp and effective presentations- online and in person
  • Maximise your presence and optimise audience engagement in the new world of online
  • Ensure your story is remembered

Tuesday 22 September  Focus: Modern-day mindfulness for productivity, health & happiness with Mandy Scotney

In Mandy’s second TIME to Learn workshop, you will learn why mindfulness and meditation are powerful tools for health & happiness. There’s no rainbows and unicorns here – just real science and practical exercises to help you explore focusing your mind, calming your nervous system and using mindfulness to improve your productivity, your relationships and your happiness.

In this “Lunch and Learn” hour you’ll understand the importance of focusing and how to apply mindfulness both at work and across your life for improved outcomes and wellbeing.

Tuesday 29 September 2020      Are You In The Room?   with Andrew Siu.

Andrew is an innovative, problem solver who is passionate about the customer experience and using storytelling to change behaviours.

In this workshop, Andrew will share his research based insights on using our brains to:

  • listen and learn more effectively
  • gain audience attention, whether it be in a meeting or a formal   presentation
  • how to first get people “in the room” with you

If you’ve ever felt that your audience is distracted and not listening as intently as you’d like, this is the workshop for you.

Tuesday 13 October 2020   Selling Yourself- with Kelley Wacher from Corporate Magic. 

Even if you’re an experienced sales person, selling YOU and relating your amazing skills to employers, especially those with limited knowledge of the travel industry is a different proposition altogether.

In this workshop, Kelley will teach you bow to effectively communicate your key skills through both written and spoken media, relate these skills to the job for which you’re applying and shine as the best candidate possible !

Tuesday 27 October 2020   Perception or Reality?  with Sharon Stanley

How understanding unconscious biases can help  or hinder us at work and what you can do about them.

Tuesday 10 November 2020    “Hard Won Wisdom- What I’ve Learnt in 2020”.

Join us for the final TIME to Learn session of 2020. To finish this very challenging year, we will have a panel of industry luminaries who will give their thoughts and insights on what they’ve learned this year, what got them through and how/ if this will change the way they work in the future.

Each panellist will have a unique perspective and there will be time for Q&A so have your questions ready !

Our panel is:

  • James Thornton, the Global CEO of Intrepid Group
  • Penny Spencer, MD Spencer Group, Founder and Chair of TIME
  • Jess Flint- TIME Graduate,  Regional Marketing Communications Consultant,  NZ Trade
  • Lindy Christian ( NZ) Chairperson: OTOC- Overseas Tour Operators Council NZ

Moderator: Jorge Fernandez of Applied Sense.

All workshops are open to TIME Graduates, mentees and mentors.

They are scheduled for Tuesdays at 1300 AEST so block the time in your diary to join the TIME family and to learn from our exceptional speakers

If you have any questions about these workshops or TIME in general, please don’t hesitate to email.