MentorMe…… support for TIME Graduates through these difficult times

These are unprecedented times for our industry and difficult days in every sense. We know that with a short term shut down on all travel you are each doing it tough. Having access to informal mentoring is vital and may make a material difference to whatever situation you are currently facing.

To provide TIME Graduates with support during this period, MentorMe has been designed to continue your access to some of the smartest minds in travel.

What is MentorMe?

An informal programme which offers one on one mentoring from some of the most experienced people in the travel industry.  In this changing environment you may want specific career advice, guidance on personal development or you may just need a friendly and understanding ear from someone outside your usual circle.

Who are these mentors?

They are TIME mentors who have specifically offered their expertise and time to MentorMe. The approved list of participating mentors is available to TIME Graduates on request:

How do I access my chosen mentor?

You can make contact via a linked-in message, mentioning the MentorMe program.

Is there a limit on the number of mentoring sessions?

Initially designed for individual, one-off sessions, you may set up more than one session with different mentors and/or, if mutually agreed between you and your preferred mentor, continue in the short term for a period of up to 3 months.

What if my preferred mentor is not available?

If your preferred mentor no longer has availability, they will let you know promptly to allow you to contact another participating mentor.

How will these sessions operate under the current social distancing conditions?

Sessions will be undertaken via phone, or via video conference technology such as zoom or skype.

When does MentorMe finish?

This programme will run until 30 June 2020

We hope that MentorMe will be a valuable resource to help get you through to the other side.